SunWave Solar Boat
  • New Solar Boat SunWave S1-COA view
  • New semi-translucent solar roof allows to benefit from a shade
  • 2 new rear bathing ladders allow a group to spend a long and convivial time at the rear
  • SunWave Solar Boat
  • Sunwave cruising at full speed

SunWave Catamaran

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With its open bow design, the SunWave is the ideal solar powered boat for a few hours outings in a 5-10 mile radius.

It comfortably seats 7 people while retaining ample sunbathing space on the front and rear decks. The translucent sunroof offers a modern shade when the sun is at its zenith. Its 2 bathing ladders make it possible to enjoy long, convivial swims while remaining with several people at the back of the boat. The silence and the absence of smell allow to sail at any time of the meals, even at night. The passengers are pleasantly lulled by the peaceful lapping of the water.

Tips for buying a solar catamaran.

Design and improvements of this new version

This 3rd generation of the solar catamaran takes up the design of the SSR19 while improving quality. SunWave has benefited for the completely redesigned new boat from the seaZen experience that charters the SSR19 in the Mediterranean. Since 2016, the SSR19 has been subjected to the most demanding sailing and operating conditions.

The fiberglass floats are part of the APER eco-contribution process. The batteries and solar panels are recyclable through specialized channels.

Here are the main improvements made by SunWave:

  • The solar roof, lighter, is raised by 10 cm to facilitate entry from the rear
  • The seat is also raised for greater comfort
  • The stern with square angles allows to install 2 bathing ladders on the floats
  • The engine in a central position does not protrude from the floats, which allows the stern to be brought closer to the dock
  • The fender strips protect the port maneuvers


Hull length 6 m
Overall width 2,47 m
Draft 0,47 m
No-load mass 700 kg
Navigation category D for 8 pers. and 560 kg
Solar power 1600 Wc
Eletric engine 4 kW (license free regulation)
Batteries 4 kWh
Maximum speed  5 knots
Solar boating speed 3 knots
Steering Hydraulics


The boat is delivered with a synthetic teak.

A windscreen balcony around the entire periphery of the boat offers an efficient and elegant shelter in the off-season.

It is also possible to install an electric shower and a refrigerator.

This boat is offered with a motorization and battery equivalent to the seaZen equipment on its bases in Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Juan-les-Pins. It is possible to increase the engine power and battery capacity to sail faster.

Sales conditions and after sales service

Particularly suitable for day trips, the solar catamaran offers excellent value for money.

The individual can customize his boat in the factory according to his expectations. He benefits from a complete after-sales service from the manufacturer SunWave.

With the French 'NUC' approval for commercial use and the SeaZen Franchise, the professional benefits from a proven economic model to make his investment profitable very quickly, as well as support in setting up a business and the SeaZen experience in solar boat maintenance. Some banks also offer leasing financing.

How to try solar navigation?

In any case, buying a solar boat requires a good understanding of this new way of boating. It is imperative that you experience it for at least an hour with your family and friends, to fully realize what it means to sail silently without odor on a solar catamaran. In order to meet a very large demand for trials, which it is unfortunately not possible to offer despite the will of the entire industry, seaZen offers its refundable trials for any purchase of this boat. You just have to specify to your companion that you come for the test.


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