Electric boat solar powered SSR19 2.0
  • Electric boat solar powered SSR19 2.0

SunSeaRider Catamaran

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The SSR19 is a license free solar catamaran. 8 copies have been produced between 2015 and 2017 to the delight of their users. The hydrodynamic characteristics of the boat as well as its motor configuration allow a total autonomy with solar energy.

Our Solar Navigation Academy in Beaulieu proves it. Since 2016, not a single kilowatt has been consumed. The outings on this boat have been rewarded with a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. The customers are the one who say it! In addition, and despite intensive use, the original batteries are intact. Designed for recreational motorboats at sea and for 7-8 people, this boat is probably one of the most Eco-Navigating in the world for its size.

The SSR series

This top-of-the-range license free motorboat is a solar powered catamaran designed and produced in France. The SSR19 2.0 is the second series produced, following the SSR14. Prior to these 2 series, a prototype was awarded at the Lépine competition. A total of eight SRR were produced until production was discontinued in 2017.

Specially configured for seaZen in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, this unit, the 7th in the series, is distinguished by its front deck that is completely open to the sea. Not to mention its synthetic "tech" deck, which recalls the spirit of high-end yachting.

The SSR19 boat is no longer available for sale. This model is still available for rent only at our Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Juan-les-Pins sites. It continues to work perfectly. Operated by seaZen since June 2016, the boat has proven its ability to sail independently and provide an experience that is highly appreciated by its customers.

Features and characteristics

Hull length 6 m
Overall width 2,47 m
Draught 0,47 m
Empty mass 700 kg
Passenger in cat D (cat C before 2016) 8 pers & 560 kg
Solar power 1600 Wc
Electric engine 2 kW (license free boat)
Equivalent thrust on a thermal outboard 6 HP
Batteries 11 kWh
Maximum speed 5 knots
Solar pleasure speed 3 knots
Direction Hydraulic

Recommended dockside equipment

In case of a berth perpendicular to the quay, we recommend installing floating pontoons to protect the catamaran's bows and facilitate access from the front.


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