Electric inboard motor Waterworld 4.0
  • Electric inboard motor Waterworld 4.0
  • Air cooling system of the WaterWorld engine
  • Display unit by WaterWorld System

WaterWorld e-drive electric boat motor with propeller shaft

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You have a sailboat or a boat with an indoard engine. The engine hold smells of fuel, the tank is taking up space, the water cooling system is in danger of breaking down, not to mention the inverter which is showing signs of fatigue. You have to go fast because when you want to enjoy a peaceful navigation, the exhaust smells make your crew nauseous. So you're still wondering if it's green to go electric!

The Waterwold electric motor range from 4 to 15 kW is suitable for boats with propeller shaft from 6 to 12 meters, from 2 to 10 tons.

Retrofit comes from the automotive industry and is developing in boating. The best way to start is with a sea trial to think about your electric sailing program with your family.

Why choose an electric motor?

Easy to install, robust, the electric motor brings another comfort of navigation Zen, silent and without odor.

  • Whether you own a sailboat or an outboard, you want a silent motor.
  • You are looking for a competitive alternative to internal combustion engines, more affordable in the long term.
  • For the same power, an internal combustion engine is heavier than an electric motor, which is less efficient. So, by choosing the latter, you simplify maintenance and consumption.
  • A combustion engine is not designed to run at full speed all the time. An electric motor will be chosen based on your power rating, not the maximum power of your engine.
  • You care about the environment. As a boating enthusiast and lover of the sea, you can help change the world and ride the electric wave.

Why choose the Waterworld range?

  • Shaft drive fits most inboard configurations
  • Waterword e-drive is a leading brand in the Netherlands and this seafaring country is a pioneer in electric boats
  • German brand Torqeedo has chosen Waterworld in board to complete its outboard and POD range

What are the technical characteristics?

  • The input power of the motor ranges from 4 kW to 15kW, always in 48V
  • Its weight starts at 39 kilos for the lightest motor
  • Its size is from 55,8 x 22,6 x 21,9 to 76,4 x 30,7 x 30 cm
  • It can rotate up to 1450 revolutions per minute.

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