Batterie Torqeedo Power 48-5000
  • Batterie Torqeedo Power 48-5000

Batterie 48 V - 5000 Wh

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The comfort of a boat in 2021 is not the same as that of a boat in the 1950s. This necessarily leads to much greater energy needs. The choice of your battery is not to be taken lightly for your electric retrofit. It will condition your autonomy at sea. So why choose Torqeedo Power 48-5000 lithium batteries?

Why choose lithium batteries?

Several types of battery exist on the market. Liquid lead acid, lead-acid AGM, lead gel or lead carbon. Lithium batteries are much more recent and are the result of a major technological evolution. If you want to save on space and weight, lithium is the way to go. The capacities are tenfold. On average, five lead-acid batteries are needed to compete with a single lithium battery.

Why choose the Torqeedo Power 48-5000?

Various lithium battery models are available. However, the Torqeedo batteries are out of the ordinary for boats. With an energy density of 70% and a lifespan that is 50% longer than that of conventional lithium batteries, they offer unparalleled comfort. This technology is based on the automotive batteries of the BMW i.

What are the technical characteristics?

  • Very light, the Power 48-5000 batteries weigh only 36,5 kgs
  • They have a high capacity of 5000Wh
  • It is possible to mount it in a battery park if you wish
  • Its dimensions (L x h x l) are 50,6cm x 22,4 cm x 38,6cm
  • The batteries are waterproof, IP67 certification
  • They are compatible with Torquedo Pod 4kW et Cruise 10.0 FP TorqLink
Power 48-5000

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