Electric motor PoD 6kW Torqeedo with duckbill propeller
  • Sailboat sailing silently and odourlessly with its fixed pod engine
  • Electric PoD engine 4kW Torqeedo with a fixed propeller
  • Supplies included with the Torqeedo PoD
  • Electric motor PoD 4kW Torqeedo with duckbill propeller
  • Torqeedo electric drive system and power supply
  • Electric motor PoD 6kW Torqeedo with duckbill propeller

Electric PoD engine 6kW Torqeedo

Tax included

This electric POD motor can be installed in a boat with inboard engine and rudder. In practice, the shaft is dismantled, the stern tube is filled in, the Pod is fixed after a stratification operation, the engine hold is freed and can then be used to install the batteries.

This operation is not trivial. First of all, you must make sure that the choice of an electric motorization corresponds to your sailing program. Start with a test with a retrofit advice for your boat.

The pleasure of an electric motor

Contrary to popular belief, one rarely converts one's boat to an electric motor for purely ecological reasons. In fact, comfort, simplified maintenance and savings on hidden costs are the real motivations. It is therefore advisable to be accompanied and to practice electric navigation at sea to start. It is only once your navigation program has been validated that you will be able to size the motor and the battery that go with it.

To convert your boat, you'll need to carefully select the various components of your new propulsion system, such as the motor and batteries.

This electric POD motor from Torqeedo is suitable for many sailing boats. It also has an optional duckbill propeller.

Main characteristics

Input power 6 000 W
Equivalent to a thermal outboard of (thrust) 9,9 CV
Rendement global maximum 58 %
Nominal power 48 V


Postage and packing not included

FP 6.0

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