Electric motor Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 FP SD Mount
  • Sailboat sailing with the engine
  • Supplies included with the engine
  • Mounting of the sail drive in the engine hold of the yacht
  • Electric motor Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 FP SD Mount

Sail Drive Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink

Tax included

With the energy transition, the question of replacing your boat engine with an electric one arises. In the nautical industry, as in the automotive world, electric motors are on the rise, this is Retrofit.

There is a wide range of motors adapted to the retrofit of boat. This 12 kW PoD from Torqeedo is a novelty 2022.

Tip retrofit: How to retrofit your boat with an electric motor?

Who should use the Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink?

The Cruise 12.0 is designed for motor and sailing boats up to 12 tons. If your boat does not exceed three tons, we recommend a smaller model.

What are the advantages?

  • Its power is 12 kW. The choice of the power must be determined after a technical audit of your boat.
  • The electric motor must be installed with batteries adapted to your navigation program.
  • Like all electric motors, it is compact and lightweight. The TorqLink 12.0 weighs only 33.5 kilos. Maintaining an electric motor is easier.
  • It has an on-board computer connected to the battery, which calculates in real time the remaining autonomy according to the navigation conditions such as the speed or the sea state. It is also possible for the owners of the pod to access this information via a dedicated application (TorqTrac).


Postage and packing not included

FP-SD 10.0

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