Battery 24 V - 3500 Wh Torqeedo
  • Battery 24 V - 3500 Wh Torqeedo

Batterie 24 V - 3500 Wh

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This high capacity 24 V lithium battery is marinized. It can be mounted in a battery park, depending on your navigation program.

Lithium batteries have become the number one solution for your boat in recent years. Their advantages? An energy storage that surpasses conventional batteries and especially a strong resistance to high intensity discharges. This is a great ally for anyone looking for affordable and reliable batteries for their boat. Whether it's hot or cold, lithium batteries resist temperature changes and have no memory effect, which makes them more efficient than lead-acid batteries.

For good energy production, outstanding reliability and above all, parts that will last over time, choose batteries from SeaZen, your electric boat rental agency.


Main characteristics

Capacity 3 507 Wh
TNominal capacity 25,2 V
Electrochemistry Li NMC
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions (L x h x w) 577,5 x 218,5 x 253,5 mm


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Power 24-3500