Company seminar on board an eco-friendly boat
  • Brochure printed with flash code
  • Widget integrated into your website
  • Integration widget in your site
  • Flash code
  • Solar navigation certificate for company seminars
  • Company seminar on board an eco-friendly boat

Seminar - Dealer

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You are organising a company seminar or you are a tourism professional. Our Pros solutions provide simple and effective tools to meet your needs. If you are:

  • a company or an event agency, we can alternate 2 or 3 groups in a row using a single boat with a regrouping at mid-course;
  • a tourism professional, we offer SeaZen Pro tagged booking tools. They allow your customers to book directly. You will automatically be recognised as the business provider. This way, you stay focused on your core business.

Do your customers a favour and become an ambassador of solar boating!

Solution for corporate seminars or event agencies

We can rotate several groups on the same boat in order to increase the size of the groups. For example, if there are 10 of you, book a 2 hour time slot, say from 10am to 12pm, we will make a first 40 minute trip from point A to point B on the boat along the coast with a group of 5 people, while the other group of 5 people goes on a walking tour along the shore. Then the 2 groups, i.e. the 10 people, meet at point B for a 40 min snack all together on a café terrace, reserved by you without intermediate costs. Then for the last 40 minutes the 2 groups alternate on the way back to point A.

This solution is of course limited to our availability. Currently our 2 ports have 1 boat each with 6 places, which limits the size of your group to 12 people. Make sure you have availability beforehand. To do this you must book the time slot of your choice online. Once you have booked your time slot, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to prepare an activity to raise awareness about solar navigation. We can for example give each participant a SeaZen Academy Diploma.

Solutions for tourism professionals

You will not find an information desk or a shop. SeaZen is managed online to offer you the best quality at the best price. Our priority is to accompany you at sea, we cannot help you personalise your customers' requests.

If this 100% online booking approach works for you, we can set up a simple, à la carte commission system for you. When the client uses one of these tools, you are identified by the Tag which allows us to calculate a commission at a frequency to be defined according to the forecast annual volume of activity that you will have communicated to us in advance.

1) The leaflet with a tagged flash code

We add a flash code to our leaflet which contains your company's identifier in the form of a tag in the code. We then send you this personalised leaflet in PDF format so that you can print as many copies as you wish. In concrete terms, as soon as one of your customers flashes the code to make a reservation, you are recognised as a business contributor.

2) The tagged URL

We generate a tagged URL. You send it to your client by email or by messenger, using the same principle.

3) The widget

If you have a website, the widget allows you to integrate the offer into your website. Still on the same principle, you are recognised as a business contributor.

4) The promotional code

The promo code is by far the simplest solution. You communicate a "Promotional Code" personalised with your name to the customer.

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