The Solar Academy offers business processes for renting guided tours
  • The Solar Academy offers business processes for renting guided tours
  • International label 1000 Efficient Solution by Solar Impulse - 2 European Marittimo awards - 2 local awards
  • The Beaulieu-sur-Mer commercial demonstrator has been operational since June 2016


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You wish to develop a solar boat sailing activity in your locality.

The seaZen Pro franchise offers a proven business model:

1 boat -> 1 business creation -> 1 or more job(s)

Once implemented, our platform allows you to operate rentals and distribute them to an international audience through our agreements with the world's leading online travel agencies.

You can focus on local development. We provide the cross-functional skills to enable you to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive environment.

Yes, you can help make the world a better place!


The issues at stake

You are a local authority, a renter, a merchant or an entrepreneur and wish to increase the attractiveness of your city. You target an international clientele. You want to create jobs... or maybe create your own job? You are aware that the development of solar yachting requires the development of a new market. Developing a new market by targeting an international clientele is a rapidly expensive operation in terms of marketing and advertising resources.

The seaZen Franchise offers you an operational platform with its proven business model.

1 boat -> 1 business creation -> 1 or more jobs

You can focus on the essentials: developing your business in your catchment area.

The obstacles and solutions provided

The critical size to create a classic nautical base is commonly accepted for about ten boats. Solar navigation provides a breakthrough solution compared to the rental of sailboats or motorboats. Here are the conditions for success:

The brakes

The solutions

The lack of berths does not allow several boats to be installed at once.

It is therefore necessary to have only one berth to start. This implies being able to reach critical size with only 1 boat, thus increasing your added value. The Solar Navigation Academy increases the added value by operating on the model of a private shuttle with departure slots at exactly the right time.

The commercial development of a new brand generally takes 3 years.

You will need to save time to develop new customers and user reviews. The seaZen brand provides accelerated and differentiating referencing.

The capital needed to educate the new solar shipping market, which is also international, is inaccessible at a local level.

We need to change our business model. The partnerships set up by the seaZen franchise are commissioned on the basis of the result.

The skills required in a changing environment are difficult to master, while you must first focus on the local development of your business.

You will need expertise outside your core business. The seaZen platform shares these transversal business skills.

Métiers d'Agence Web, de Taxi ou VTC ou chauffeur, Hotelier ou Hôte, Centre de Formation , Agence Marketing

Our services

We are involved in the start-up by bringing you the experience acquired by seaZen. Then we support you throughout your operation by sharing with you our operational tools and our cross-functional expertise (Travel Industry, e-learning, Mobility solutions, marketing, web). Depending on the speed of your development, you will need to increase your power more or less early. Our action training courses are available when you really need them and only if you want them. 

1) Start-up kit

  • Creation on of localized product pages
  • Access to our related solutions (boat insurance, fleet tracking by GPS, floating pontoons)
  • Parameter setting of the centralized reservation system
  • Publication on TripAdvisor of a basic offer and integration of this offer with the platform
  • Provision of a training plan (support is provided free of charge by our partners)
  • Evaluation of the main other distribution channels you can install
  • Creation of an email address with a customizable password
  • Maritime regulatory framework (French laws)
  • Graphic charter (brochures, flags, promotional vouchers, business cards)

2) Operational support and brand licensing

  • Maintains the operation of the e-commerce site
  • Continuous SEO optimization
  • Optimization of the aggregate average of distribution fees
  • Access to business workflows (Preventive maintenance planning, weather/customer hazard management emails, no show, surety management...)
  • Technology monitoring (API, Distributors) and evaluation of profitability indicators (ROI)
  • Continuous improvement of business processes and updating of the brand's generic content
  • Communication and public relations of the brand (events, trophies)

3) Action training to develop your offer

We show you how we have solved a specific problem, share our tools and carry out the first steps of implementation with you. Here are some concrete examples of optional action training:

  • Publication and integration of a new distribution channel whose performance we have assessed
  • Implementation of a management control tool
  • Publication of specific articles on social networks
  • Printing of printed materials with proven layout (flyers, flags, business cards with flash code...)

The economic model

1) Start-up kit

We offer this service on a fixed price basis. Your dedicated coach, from the seaZen Academy, creates your proprietary profiles and implements brand workflows. Secondly, it is not necessary to be a computer scientist. Each API provides its own customer support to train you. You are the one who will be able to manage the operational. A simple regular practice of these APIs is to be expected to keep the hand all year round.

2) Operational support and brand licensing

The fee applies only to online sales through our central reservation system. The basis for calculating our commission is the net amount you receive after deducting bank charges and central reservation system charges. 

Distribution channel

Royalty fee*

Online booking on


Online booking with an international partner such as TripAdvisor


Direct booking entered locally in your catchment area


(*) Distribution channels systematically generate additional commissions from partners: online travel agencies, central reservation system and payment intermediaries. The rates of these commissions correspond to international quality and price standards and are available from these partners. Revenue Management aims to optimize these channels in order to significantly reduce the average aggregate cost of commissions.

3) Action training to develop your offer

For any changes after implementation, we can support you according to a clear fixed price pricing established in advance.

Required profiles

1) The contractor or salaried base manager

Customer relations during guided walks or training sessions without a permit are essential. The pleasure of solar navigation experience and the quality of our business processes are here to help you. The knowledge and experience of the guide(s) are decisive for the development of the activity.

The launch of a database is compatible with another activity. Online sales allow the guide to focus on the operational face-to-face customer on the days and times of his choice, preferably at weekends and during holidays.

Above all, we are looking for partners. The company and the concept are recent, much remains to be built and the tools are constantly evolving, it is important that we can develop the business together. Our partners will need to have an appetite for solar sailing, for their locality and its history, a desire to change the world, and of course a passion to share this experience as a team with customers and other franchisees. Even if we wanted to make the activity as simple as possible, we must plan to spend time there for local management and prospecting..

2) The partner company (boat rental company, hotel, etc.)

We are looking for partner companies located locally - or in a position to do so - in a port and in the tourism sector. Our experience has shown that the business processes and the public to be conquered are totally new even for a boat rental company that may already have a customer base and business experience. If this is the case, the renter capitalizes on a new clientele and freely preserves the existing one. In any case, the partner must want to develop and educate a new market.

We want to build a territorial network to bring more simplicity to our customers and be able to develop new offers point A -> point B. It should be noted that even if a seaZen Boat Club already exists in the city of your choice, our partner in that city may be interested in joining forces.



Franchising allows you to reach break-even as quickly as possible. Indeed, you pool structural costs and avoid financing a global marketing campaign without any loss. You minimize the average overall commission, since direct distribution is commission-free. You save 5 years spent in referencing a solar navigation brand, because the referencing algorithms are based on learning, they work on long time.


Boat rental is a very competitive market where it is necessary to differentiate oneself in new professions. Since September 2015 we have had experience of customer users, technologies and processes. We know that we still need to test new solutions, evaluate them and implement the most efficient ones. The seaZen platform allows you to capitalize on this management through Continuous Improvement.

In addition, the marketing of Tour en Bateau is subject to French maritime regulations. The seaZen Academy's reference framework provides you with a legal framework for operating private tours.

The geographical network reassures customers and attracts additional local and international business.


You retain all your freedom and independence for the local management of your activity, and you remain owner of the profiles created for you, and still you are not alone. You capitalize on our transversal skills. You reduce your risk of dependence on global travel industry giants. You use operational results to convince your investors.