How does it work?

The seaZen brand has one of the most relevant pleasure boats for a rental on the French Riviera. Why? In fact, there are several reasons. You should especially appreciate its accessibility and flexibility. Without a licence and comfortable, the seaZen solar catamaran offers you maximum freedom. To ensure we meet your expectations, our online booking platform offers three boat rental services.

  1. Boat tour with a guide: 6 people maximum - 1 or 2 hours
  2. Licence free boat rental: 7 to 8 people maximum - 1h with guide + 2h autonomous
  3. Click & go boating: 7 to 8 people maximum - 2 or 3 hours

These three formulas have been designed to gradually offer you more autonomy. For example, our guided boat tour service can be an opportunity to practice together the controls of our solar boat. So, if you plan to rent our boat next time, you can subscribe directly to our click & go service.

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  • Boat tour accompanied with a private guide (1 or 2 hours)

    Private boat tour

    Embark with a guide for one or two hours to discover the French Riviera from another angle.

    The steps

    1. Choose your departure city.
    2. Choose your service (romantic stroll, daytime or evening stroll).
    3. Book a slot.
    4. Come to the meeting point on D-Day to join your seaZen guide.
  • License free boat rental (1h with guide + 2h autonomous)

    License free boat seaZen.

    Learn the basics of sailing in just one hour with seaZen to take control of the boat. No prerequisites are required! The offer includes one hour of guided instruction and two hours of private rental.

    The steps

    1. Choose your departure city.
    2. Book a slot.
    3. Present yourself on D-Day at the meeting point.
    4. Go with an experienced skipper to learn the basics.
    5. Return to the port to check in with seaZen and pay the deposit.
    6. Embark with your loved ones and skip alone.
    7. Return to the port, check out with seaZen and be refunded from your deposit.
  • Click & go boating (2 ou 3h) – Boat Club

    You already practiced with a seaZen member ? Continue the experience by joining for free our Boat Club. The ultimate solution for boat enthusiasts who want to achieve the autonomy of a boat owner without the inconvenience.

    Our click & go formula works in conjunction with the seaZen Academy. Are you new to solar sailing? Don't panic! Don't panic! All the navigation aid documentation is accessible at any time on our site from your personal profil. Thanks to our 4-level program, you learn step by step how to navigate. The more you rent our boat, the more autonomous you become.

    Exclusive access to your e-Academy

    The steps

    By becoming a member of the Boat Club you get a "Click & Go" access. All the steps are done online from our website.

    1. Pass the level 1 MCQ test (exception for level 2 or higher members).
    2. Choose your departure city.
    3. Book a slot.
    4. Complete the inventory before departure on your personal online space (check in).
      The link to access the inventory of fixtures form is also included in the booking confirmation email
      , in the reminder email 6 hours before departure, and finally by SMS 1 hour before departure.
    5. Enjoy the Côte d'Azur from the sea.
      Manage your navigation program according to your level with the seaZen Academy. Adapt your navigation to keep the batteries charged when you return. Go home early enough so that your crew has time to disembark safely and quietly.
    6. Make the inventory on your personal online space (check out).
      If necessary, use a water jet to leave the boat in the same condition as you found it. After each return of the boat, we carry out a systematic control within 24h.