Scattering ashes at sea on a solar boat
  • Scattering ashes at sea on a solar boat

License free • Boat club

Rent a solar-powered electric catamaran

Reserved for Level 5 members of the Boat Club seaZen, this boat allows you to enjoy pleasant moments from Juan les Pins. Moreover, a one hour training on the specificities of the water is necessary.


  • Silent electric boat, gliding on translucent waters
  • Solar autonomy security for batteries
  • Family boating experience
  • Easy access from Antibes Juan-les-Pins

Choosing a top-of-the-range electric boat for the sea

This seventh model in the SSR series retains the advantages of its predecessors. This top-of-the-range, silent, odourless electric boat can be used without additional fuel costs. Thanks to its photovoltaic panels, it ensures total autonomy throughout the day, with the boat being able to return at 100% charge. At night, its powerful batteries ensure several hours of navigation.

This elegant solar catamaran offers a new lifestyle for this size of boat. The table in the middle of the boat is sheltered by an arbour, you can swim from a large rear balcony and sunbathe on the foredeck. Since its commissioning in 2016, it has been sailing without the use of electricity from the harbour, proving the safety provided by solar navigation.

Is it a boat without a licence or do I need a motor licence?

Boat licence holders or sailboat skippers will enjoy discovering the subtleties of solar navigation. This new public is attracted by the quality of the experience: being able to glide silently without consuming a kilowatt; as well as by the flexibility of booking by the hour. Thanks to the energy efficiency of the catamaran profile, we are also registered self drive boat.

How to reach us?

The boat is easily accessible from Antibes and from Cannes.

Meeting point at : JuanBeaulieu

Adress : seaZen, 47 Boulevard Edouard Baudoin, 06160 Juan-les-Pins
Cap d'Antibes

Once in the port, on the central parking lot, you can't miss us, we are on the quay in front of you, about in the middle. The boat will arrive at the quay at the time of the meeting. The boat will arrive at the quay at the appointment time.

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