Good behaviors to adopt on a boat (2/2)

In our previous article on eco-responsible navigation, we began to list the best practices to adopt on a boat. Today, waste management is essential to preserve the beauty of the sea, but the aesthetic impact caused by these wastes is not the only worrying point. SeaZen team, your boat rental without a license service, wishes to tell you more.

A Côte d'Azur harbor photo

An impact on the ecosystem

Man-made waste takes a long time to biodegrade. Worse still, they may end up in the stomachs of local wildlife inhabitants. Because of these residues, marine animals died as a result of asphyxia or as a consequence of intestinal occlusion. This sad spectacle is not the only consequence. Wastes produce a chemical nuisance when they biodegrade. This degradation alters the quality of the water and contaminates the flesh of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Whether it is an accident or unconscious, the man is poisoning his own food. So, to follow some guidelines seems more important than ever.

Abord the ship

  • Ensure that light objects do not fly overboard
  • Avoid washing dishes at sea and do not use chemicals
  • Recover floating waste as it passes
  • Smokers use a pocket ashtray. A single butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water!

When dropping anchor

  • Prefer the mooring areas marked with buoys to preserve the wilderness
  • Anchor on a sandy area so as not to tear off algae (more info by clicking here).

Finally, share with others the best practices to adopt at sea. Notify the competent authorities when you observe serious damage on the coast or incivilities on the part of the boaters. Become an eco-responsible skipper by joining the SeaZen BoatClub.