Already in spring: enjoy a seaZen initiation

Driving a boat is not easy for everyone. Some of you have probably never been in control of a ship, and yet they are dying of envy. Especially with the company seaZen, access to the rental of a boat is facilitated since it does not require a license. Your only prerequisite is to be sixteen years old. How to benefit from a 1 hour training session? This is explained below.

Sea and pebbles

What does a session look like?

On the seaZen website, we offer you to buy an online coupon, valid for three months. The sympathetic aspect is that you are not forced to take this course alone. On the Sunsearider, the seaZen team invites you to board up to five teammates. In this way, the cost per person amounts to less than 20 euros and everyone can enjoy learning. To book your session, send an e-mail to the agency or call 06 52 73 95 54.

Learning & Pleasure

It is a one hour sea trip from the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, embellished with notions and key demonstrations. You will learn the wharf maneuvers by evolving at 1 knot, you will familiarize yourself with the navigation at 3 knots in the harbor (ie 5 km / h) and will not exceed 5 knots, that is to say 9 km / h , The seaZen skipper will teach you the art of locating (bathers around, buoys, fishing nets and other vessels) as well as the basics of anchoring.

During this educational excursion offshore, you will still have the leisure to discover beautiful landscapes of the Azure, as well as the villa Kerylos de Beaulieu or the villa David Niven of Saint-Jen-Cap-Ferrat.