Woman's day: rent and skip easily a zen and elegant boat

Why women's day?

According to the UN, which formalized the day:

We imagine a world in 2030 where all women and girls will have equal opportunities and rights

for more information https://www.unwomen.org/fr/get-involved/step-it-up#sthash.w8gbc24S.dpuf

According to e-commerce statistics, more than 70% of people who do a boat search to rent on the internet are men.

At seaZen we strive to give women as many chances to sail as men.

What does bring solar boating ?

An electric solar boat is easy to maneuver, plus it is a self drive boat. The boat is accessible to any person over 16 years, men or women, after a training generally of one hour. It can then be booked online, at any time and from a smartphone, which is simpler when reconciling active life and family life. Membership at the club while passing your initial training. From 4 outings, it is even possible to book "After-Work".

On the occasion of the Women's Day, we tried to understand why solar navigation is so appealing, by interviewing women who have already tested this boat since its launch last summer. The most important arguments are user-friendliness. Indeed the position of piloting at the back of the boat allows the Skipper to steer the boat while conversing with the whole of the crew settled around the table of the central cockpit.

Women love to pilot the solar boat

Moreover, the absence of odor - thanks to the electric motor - as well as the stability of the catamaran, contribute to the feeling of well-being at sea.

The seaZen is also a "picnic boat" to live a good time with its loved ones.

SeaZen and women's day

Journée de la femme

Because solar navigation also appeals to women. Because we are striving so that women have as much chance as men to become a skipper, we offer a 50 € voucher for all women connecting to the site on March 8th.

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