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The seaZen's solar boat club is proud to present for the first time ever its brainchild, the Suncy SolarBoat! Ecological and innovative, this hybrid boat has more than an asset to conquer anyone’s heart. It offers an alternative to navigation following a very simple concept: 0 noise, 0 fuel for 100% fun.

Thanks to its roof covered in solar panels, the seaZen boat sails with solar energy along the Mediterranean coasts, between Nice and Monaco.

The 6 meters long catamaran is perfect for family or friends’ outings. It can accommodate up to 8 persons, during a sea trip anytime through the year. The embedded equipment, solarium, table with 6 seats and a ladder to make the swim easier, offers all the pleasures of a dolce-vita-like moment...

Let us list some of the activities you may appreciate aboard: navigation, unusual tour from the coasts of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and its wonderful villas, boating between billionaire's luxury yachts, bathing... A complete program without polluting!

But those perks are not the only ones, as the Suncy SolarBoat is also a craft that can be driven without boat license! The seaZen team proposes a boat tour with a skipper to initiate to solar boating. Then, according to your choice between our formulas, you can rent your boat whenever you want, driving yourself. Contact us to learn more!

Before you come and meet us, tease yourself with our presentation video of the Suncy SolarBoat, proposed by seaZen at Beaulieu-sur-Mer harbor since 2016.



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The SeaZen was launched in Beaulieu sur Mer. A special operation because it is a catamaran The SSR19 is a catamaran. That is, it floats on two parallel hulls. with a rigid Bimini to more than 3 meters in height2.

The truck arrived in the night. In the morning everyone was ready, the crane operator, the port, the builder and of course the seaZen team. 

The launch was carried out by Monaco Marine on the same crane as the luxury yachts. That day, seaZen was the most prominent ship on the coast!

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It is a Rafale that greets the seaZen when it leaves the air base of Istres. Located in the heart of a military base, the production site combines the best of the aeronautics and nautical industries. The SeaZen is the 9th SSR19 to be released in production.

Image of a Season boat

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The baptism of the seaZen brought together numerous parsonities of Beaulieu sur Mer Town Hall, the Port of the Metropole Nice Côte d'Azur, as well as the local partners of the project. 

The guests were able to discover the SSR19 2.0, the first solar-powered catamaran without a license and designed by Polycreatis. This boat will be offered for rent by the day, half day or one hour. It offers a new approach to yachting, more comfortable and more eco-friendly than the motorboat, simpler and more accessible than the sailing boat. 

SeaZen will be offered for rent without a license to the Boat Club Members. Ship to the high-end services and with the wifi on board, it can take up to 8 people.


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130 years ago was born the commune of Beaulieu, in the department of Alpes-Maritimes (06), separating from his big sister Villefranche. To celebrate this anniversary, SeaZen paints a portrait of the beautiful city that hosts solar-powered boats in its harbor.

Pax in pulchridutin

"Peace in beauty". The motto of the city is recalled in its name, the beautiful place of the Hart of the French Riviera which it forms with Villefranche-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. This name perfectly illustrates the art of living in the area. The peaceful sea, historical places, villas and monuments to visit, a beautiful green park, a casino for fun ... What more can you ask for a day in the sun?

In the middle between Nice and Monaco (as the crow flies, 7 km on one side, 7 km from the other), Beaulieu is a small town of just over 3700 Berlugans (inhabitants) stuck between the mountain And the seaside. Like all the coastal towns, it is home to beautiful beaches and even two harbors (Ant bay side and Beaulieu harbor), easily accessible by locals and visitors.

Beautiful day in Beaulieu!

With seaZen, you are invited to come and taste a bit of the sweetness of life in Beaulieu. Starting with the famous Villa Kerylos in the morning, you will not go wrong; Then fill up with local products on the market before taking possession of your Suncy19, an eight-seat catamaran you booked online, for a picnic at sea. Spend the afternoon on the water without spending a gram of CO2 thanks to the electro-solar motor of the craft, and finally blaze a few pieces to the casino in the evening.

We leave you to qualify this typical day in Beaulieu as you want!

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SeaZen, participates in the Wednesday May 17 Nature Day organized by Beaulieu-sur-Mer and offers you a boat trip.

Nature festival logo

Solar boat tour

Aboard seaZen, admire the sea trip from Beaulieu to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on a solar-powered electric boat

Zen, elegant and environment friendly

The sea tour on a confortable Suncy 19 catamaran offering 6 places, allows you to benefit from a solar navigation initiation:

  • Sightseeing to Villas Kerylos and David Niven
  • Initiation reserve Natura 2000
  • Energy autonomy and harbor maneuvers
  • Boat-Club and self drive boating coaching

Good to know

  • Do not forget your sunscreens, sun glasses, as well as caps
  • The minors are under the responsibility of the parents, must be able to swim and older that 7 years old
  • The teak deck is fragile, you may be asked to take off your shoes (heels, soles marks ...)
  • Non-smoking
  • In case or weather > 4 Beaufort the outing is cancelled