About SunSeaRider

Forgetting the odors of fuel, the obligation to possess a boat license or the din produced by imposing engines. SeaZen, a boat rental company based near Nice, is riding on an innovative and promising wave for the future of solar boating. The idea: to propose online booking of the first electro-solar boat, including a license free access.

SunSeaRider sailing at sea© seaZen 2017

A catamaran architecture

The SunSeaRider is a catamaran. That is, it floats on two parallel hulls. The purpose of this configuration is to reduce the resistance to water thanks to the finer hulls than that of a monohull. This pleasure craft gains in stability and deck surface, thus in comfort for the passengers. The SunSeaRider is a motorized vessel without sail and unusual since it has two engines running on electric power, generating no pollution. It was developed by the naval and aeronautical architect Éric Magré, from Polycreatis, and asked for no less than five years of work.

100 % eco-responsible

The principle is simple, its vast platform of solar panels is in the form of a small roof sheltering the passenger space. It absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy by means of photovoltaic cells. Batteries store this ecofuel carefully and allow the propeller to be powered by modest outboard engines (from 2 to 4 kWh), the most silent in the world. It is even possible to connect the motors directly to the panels, so as not to draw into the batteries. The goal is to return to port with a charge at least equivalent to 85%!