seaZen: the future of yacht charter already exists in France

Going out to sea on a private boat is a luxury that few people can afford... Make no mistake! Thanks to seaZen and its online boat rental service, taking a boat ride with your loved ones has never been easier. Discover what the future of boating looks like on our site.

Private sea trip on the French Riviera.

Solar boat rental for individuals and professionals

For rent since 2016, the boat seaZen has welcomed on board more than 3500 passengers without using a drop of fuel! Our boat rental service is indeed 100% ecological. But how does our boat sail on the waves? Rest assured, the seaZen boat is not a pedal boat. Its energy source comes directly from the sun. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on its bimini, our catamaran is perfectly self-sufficient in terms of energy. Despite its large size and its capacity of eight people, it has not been necessary to recharge its batteries on the power grid since it was commissioned.

Taste the solar yachting lifestyle!

In addition to the fact that our boat can be used without a licence thanks to our express accompaniment and learning formula, seaZen offers another way of sailing. Indeed, we want to prove that there is a way to discover the coast by boat while respecting the environment. Thus, by renting our boat, you are also embarking on a unique experience: the Solar Challenge. All you have to do is sail at a moderate speed to turn the boat as close as possible to 100% load. An ideal cruising rhythm to enjoy the panorama and go for a cruise at sea with your family.

From 23 euros per person, our service is available in three formulas: guided boat tripprivate boat rental without licence with a quick introduction to solar navigation and a shared rental of the boat with a turnkey access. Book online your boat trip on the French Riviera easily on the seaZen website!