Concrete actions for the Côte d'Azur's marine ecosystem

In 2019, the Côte d'Azur saw its marine ecosystem benefit from several initiatives. For more than three years, seaZen has been working in this direction and intends to develop this state of mind for a long time to come with its solar-powered boat rental platform.

At sea, on land and in the air

Cruise charter, zero-emission airport, less polluting navigation... During the year, several newspaper headlines highlighted actions in favour of the environment in Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez...

The City of Cannes began by imposing a Cruise Charter in August: any ship wishing to call at Cannes must comply with four ecological points: reduce air and water pollution, respect biodiversity, and respect the environment during excursions. In less than six months, 30 companies have signed this pact. The Nice version of the cruise charter focuses on the use of fuel with a 0.1% sulphur content, with Port Lympia being number 3 among European ports polluted by this chemical compound. Cruise lines are striving to green themselves, and in 2019 the transition to liquefied natural gas or electricity as fuel will take place. Almost half of the orders in the shipyards are for LNG ships.

Nice airport, located on the sea, is following a major plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It plans to be neutral by 2030, and then to absorb more than the aircraft will emit afterwards. The Cannes and Saint-Tropez airports are following the same path, thanks in particular to the use of technology labelled by the Solar Impulse foundation, as is our seaZen solar navigation solution.

Every action counts for the environment

The environmental line seems to have been grasped by the main actors and decision-makers. It is up to users to take action for a healthier environment. Start your transition by renting a solar-powered boat for your sea trips!

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