Why choose solar boats with seaZen?

SeaZen, your solar boat specialist, has decided to share with you its passion for environmentally friendly sailing. We invite you to discover the pleasure of sea cruising with our boat rentals for a moment of relaxation. Come and contemplate the magnificent landscapes of the Côte d'Azur from the sea. But before presenting our offers, here are the advantages of our solar boats.

The advantages of a solar boat

As you can see, seaZen pleasure boats are environmentally friendly thanks to their electric motor, which is powered by the sun. This type of engine is advantageous because it does not pollute Mediterranean waters. Moreover, it is important to know that in Nice the water quality is fragile. To prevent the water quality from deteriorating further, solar boats are the ideal option.

In addition, the boats are very quiet. This allows you to cruise quietly at sea listening to the lapping of the waves which are an excellent source of relaxation.

How does it work?

seaZen offers you three flexible and accessible formulas, they are designed to give you more autonomy. Here are our formulas:

The best way to realize these benefits, and all the others, is to come for a ride at sea with seaZen!