Why rent a seaZen solar boat?

SeaZen offers you to rent one of the largest solar-powered pleasure boats on the French Riviera, an elegant and silent catamaran. Let's see together how the solar-powered yacht charter Seazen brings you many advantages.

Our services adapted to each client

First of all, you should know that the solar catamaran seaZen can be steered without a licence, anyone who loves the sea can drive this elegant boat. All you have to do is learn the basics of navigation in just one hour, when you first charter. After that, you can join our Boat Club and are autonomous like a boat owner, but without the constraints!

If you prefer to be accompanied, seaZen offers you a private guide for a sea tour. Opt for the boat rental with guide to discover the beauty of our Côte d'Azur landscape.


Renting a boat for eight people can be an impossible task; you need to know someone who has a boating licence, you have formalities to complete, and the price is not very affordable. seaZen allows you to sail at sea without a boating licence value for money.

A product for the protection of the environment

This is one of the most important points of our offer, our ecological ambition. Indeed, the solar catamaran bans all fossil fuels, the boat only consumes renewable energy. Its solar roof allows us to get rid of the oil used by most pleasure boats. By renting this type of boat, you participate in the preservation of our Mediterranean waters while offering you a pleasant moment at sea, as the boat is silent and odourless.