A beautiful and invigorating year 2020 with seaZen!

The whole team of seaZen, your platform for online booking of solar boat trips, wishes to all visitors happiness, health and prosperity! For seaZen, 2020 represents a new year with sea trips, and transmission of our passion for solar navigation. What about you? Are you going to enjoy the largest solar-powered catamaran on the Côte d'Azur in 2020?

The wishes of the online boat booking platform seaZen.

In 2020, sail with no impact on nature!

Let's present our activity for those who don't know us: with seaZen, you have the possibility to rent a solar boat by three ways. A sea trip with a guide (for a trip along the coast), a 1 hour practice followed by a 2 hour self-navigation, or a self-driving licence free for members.

In addition to allowing all public to sail on a large catamaran, seaZen has the advantage of offering a 100% ecological boat design. The electric motor powered by solar energy offers a clean cruise, healthy (because it does not emit exhaust fumes), and achieves the unparalleled feat of never having been recharged on the electrical grid.

A brand new website

To start 2020, seaZen developed an improved site with the support of the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 4helix+, as part of the project for the development of the maritime economy in the Mediterranean. The seazen.fr website is now available in a revised and expanded version, especially on the mobile part. The aim is to facilitate the solar-powered boat rental process with seaZen, so that the community of sea lovers will grow even more by 2020!