Discovery of the super yachts

100 years of meeting with super-yachts

The Riviera Heartland means the coastline of the Riviera located between Nice and Monaco. The most beautiful yachts have taken to staying there for over a hundred years, including in the small port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, well before the building of the current marina. Already in 1893, la Namouna, the famous 100 meters yacht of James Gordon Bennett made stop there. There was also the boat of Gustave Eiffel, the 48 m Aïda of which you will perhaps speak about with the local fishermen, as well as the boat of the family Agnelli - owners of the Leopolda villa. Each yacht competed with the other about its size and the luxury offered on board.

A range of exceptional yachts in an exceptional place

Today as yesterday, we find the most beautiful yachts in Saint Hospice's bay. Affluence requires, they must now anchor more than 300 meters from the shore, in front of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. These yachts are either owners' boats or charter boats, which can be rented for a week including the crew from € 100,000 for the most modest ones!

Yacht designers are exceptionally creative. We have listed some of the most emblematic ships that we propose to discover together on this article.

Sailing Yacht A does not leave you indifferent

Designed by Philippe Stark, the Sailing Yacht A, is the one that leaves the least indifferent. This is not a first one for Philippe Stark who also designed the yacht of Steve Jobs. With its 3 masts, this "sailboat" is supposed to sail. All the sailors of the Côte d'Azur hope to have the pleasure of seeing him one day hoist his sails.

Sailing Yacht A with its 3 masts The Yacht A yacht has bay windows concealed in the hull

The Eclipse means the superlative of giga-yacht

With a length of 150 meters, this giga-yacht "eclipses" most other yachts. This is one of the 10 largest yachts in the world, owned by Mr Abramovitch who promoted the restoration of the Château de la Croë.


The eclipse has helicopters

Galaxy of Happiness at the forefront of eco-sailing

The Galaxy of Happiness, a hybrid trimaran that can be electrically powered, moor almost all summer close to the David Niven's Villa. If there were a luxury yacht that would deserves the palm of eco-navigation, this would be the Galaxy of Happiness that should receive it. It seems that its hydro dynamic profile can save 40% of fossil energy, and of course it can steer with electric engines.

The Galaxy of Happiness is a regular of the David Niven's anchorage

Blade is the convertible yacht charter

The Blade favors the custom charter experience. This yacht is tailor-made in order to propose a wide range of services. AThanks to a huge front bunker for a boat of this size is can store "Water Toys" such as jet skis and scooters. Additionally the deck at the back of the yacht can almost touch the water from a highly stylized articulated platform.

The Blade ouvre sa soute pour entreposer ses water toys

Garçon, a yacht at the service desk other yachts

How not to evoke the Yach Garçon, a boat to the service of these super-yachts. It can bring them helicopters, submarines, tender or other toys for a cruise on the Côte d'Azur. The Garçon even has a hyperbaric chamber very useful for divers.

Le yacht Garcon offre des services de tender ou hélicoptères

Delphine, a vintage steamboat

What happens to old yachts? Some are fully restored. This is how the SS Delphine still works with steam but also hosts a jet stream pool, a sports room and wi-fi in each room. Filled with history, she has served as preparation for the Yalta agreement between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill. After her last restoration, she was re-christened by the Princess of Monaco.

Le Yacht SS Delphine is a steamer

How to observe the yachts closely?

While some luxury harbor are difficult to access for the general public who wish to be able to observe these boats up close, it is relatively easier to observe them in their natural environment, at anchor at sea. The purpose is to approach the yachts as close as possible without disturbing its occupants who, like everyone else, seek tranquility.

Respectful of the environment - in every sense of the word - SeaZen glides between yachts with minimal impact on the "present harmony of its places".

Thanks to its electric propulsion powered with solar panels, it is possible to approach these yachts closely without disturbing its occupants with the noise or smells of the engines. Moreover, in the respect of the bathers often located on the back beach of these boats, seaZen always favors a passage by the bow of the boat. In case the navigation path of the seaZen causes it to pass behind these boats, because there are so many that it is sometimes difficult to avoid such case, seaZen keeps a courteous distance from the occupants of these yachts.

To observe these yachts up close, you only need to book a boat trip aboard our solar boat. The one-hour tour is accompanied by a guide. The excursion is private by group up to 6 people.