Bachelorette party in Nice on a solar boat

7 young Belgian girls, chose to celebrate their bachelorette party on a boat in the Côte d'Azur. A little earlier, five young girls from the north of France came for the same reasons. They chose seaZen solar boat club for their hen party. Here are some of the highlights of these two wonderful days organized by Bénédicte and Anaïs between Nice and Monaco.

A self drive boat without license

By organizing the weekend in Nice, Bénédicte and her friends absolutely wanted to offer the future bride a boat trip. Problem: how to rent a spacious boat without having the motor boat license while wanting to stay between girlfriends?

Bénédicte found the seaZen Boat Club and she immediately understood the interest of renting this license free boat as it is also elegant and comfortable.

She also discovered that this boat, can is easy to practice. One hour of practice was enough with some of her friends to feel comfortable. Back at the port after taking control of the boat, the bride arrives with 2 other accomplices and discovered in front of her friends the surprise that awaits her. Everything is ready for fitting.

Regarding Anaïs and her 4 girlfriends, they wanted to make their excursion off season. This was scheduled in April. Even when you are from the north, you do not necessarily sail to Beaulieu-sur-Mer to swim in April. So they preferred to organize an accompanied boat tour. The duration is shorter than renting without a license, but there is so much to see that the change of scenery remains total.

A floating pontoon in the Côte d'Azur heartland

Let's go. Head towards the David Niven's mooring! This very close anchorage is located in front of the Rose villa of La Fleur du Cap, on the Maurice Rouvier promenade.

Champagne tasting during a hen party off Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Champagne tasting during a hen party off Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

While the solar boat slides on the water, silent and odorless, Bénédicte opens a Champagne bottle. She realizes that only a solar boat can allow to enjoy it while boating. Indeed, the taste of champagne is not "polluted" by the exhaust of an engine, she could almost hear the bubbles sparkling. In addition, the catamaran very stable, do not list like a sailboat.

After just a few minutes, our friends anchor with a 2 meters deep near posidonia meadows bathed in translucent waters. The glasses of champagne are not yet emptied. The atmosphere is especially to savor and admire the sumptuous surroundings in a Zen and elegant spirit.

Boat trip for an elegant bachelorette party

Boat trip for an elegant bachelorette party

At anchor, the afternoon passes too quickly, swimming, tanning, and picnic aboard or simply contemplating the Côte d'Azur. There is something for every taste. The boat is a real floating lounge. In addition, at any time it offers direct access to the sea.

Back to the harbor

Back to port a few hours later, the crew became solar boating pro. Each one can help Bénédicte, the skipper, to maneuver in the port. It is very simple to avoid any shock by pushing the boat with the hands if it appears necessary. As the crew was trained 1 hour in the early afternoon, the gestures are natural and everything is done smoothly.

The crew of Anaïs chose the accompanied boat tour. It is indeed possible to separate the tour session from the licence free rental session. Another time maybe, the crew will wish to rent alone with click & go access?

How to organize a bachelor party near Nice, with a solar boat?

To organize a bachelor party on seaZen, simply choose between renting a boat accompanied or without a license. Our seaZen Academy is here to accompany you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Solar navigation is romantic par excellence. It will accompany you all your life: for the marriage proposal, the hen party between friends, until the tour with you family and children and ... grandchildren!