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Warranty of deductible deposit

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The Boat-Club allows you to benefit from the simplicity of Click & Go access. All the administrative formalities have been carried out in advance including the warranty deposit.

The warranty on the insurance deductible consists of a deposit to a separate account. As long as you wish to maintain the deposit, you remain a member of the Boat Club.


Commercial conditions

A boat club outing is statistically "safer" than a traditional "first" rental. That's why we can propose a lower insurance deductible after the first outing.

  • First departure warranty: € 800 (boat rental with a D day deposit)
  • Level 2 departure warranty: € 400 in deposit only.

You can request the cancellation of the deposit at any time without commitment. Additional interbank fees or exchange rate may apply when refunding to an account abroad several months after the initial deposit. Make sure you do not switch banks before requesting a refund.

Peace of mind of deposit vs hassles of ownership

The rental deposit - required to keep your membership without commitment - allows you additional time savings because you no longer need to sign a contract nor to pre-authorize a guarantee for each trip.

You benefit of the ongoing deposit for your on-demand usage during the rental period.

Boat ownership implies a heavy "investment" that you are not sure to recover because of depreciation and other year-long concerns.

By comparison, the deposit allows you to benefit from an easy Click & Go booking without the responsibilities of ownership.

Loss / year 10 000 € 0 €
Capital engaged Owner Boat-Club
Boat purchase 100 000 €  0 €
Depreciation 10% base price 10 000 € 0 €
Deposit 800 €

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