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How to rent a comfortable license free boat?

A sailboat can be rented without a license, but it is better to practice months. A comfortable motor boat requires a license which implies 2 weeks of preparation. The Solar Navigation Academy brings you a solution with just 1 to 2 Hrs practice for you and your crew on a more comfortable and spacious boat.

The combined formula of initial practical training and access to a boat club rate allows to regular users, to sail on a high quality boat at the best rate. Private Tours are cheaper and safer than license free rental  if you just want to sail once. Please note that access is restricted during peak periods!

Progress is very fast, you navigate with your group from the first time

Prerequisites: Check your level online or on site

  • If you already have experience or are a fast learner, you are ready for level 1. To be sure, check that you have passed the 10 point online test.
  • If you are a beginner or would like to try a little before, start with the Private Tour. Depending on how easy you are to practice you can hire the 1 + 2 H package or skip a step and go straight to the Boat Club rate.

Level 1: Book a Self Drive Rental 1+2 Hrs

The Self Drive Rental 1+2H formula is a package that includes one hour of accompanied practice followed by two hours on your own as for the boat club..

Level 3 or higher: Sail frequently at a Boat Club rate

The idea of the Boat Club is to allow you to sail license-free regularly without having to go through a training course each time or even having to go through administrative formalities, while avoiding the time and cost of filling up with petrol. Everything is done online. You save your time and you rent a high quality self drive boat at the best price.

How does it work?

How does it work

  1. Choose your departure city.
  2. Reserve a time slot.
  3. Practice with the Virtual Tour as well as the navigation guides linked to your Boat Club.
  4. Show up at the meeting point on the day of departure and make sure you can deposit the guarantee by credit card.
  5. Return to the port early enough to complete the inventory, collect your deposit and release the boat before the next departure at each hour on the dot.

Why boating license-free with seaZen?

There are many offers for license-free boats or with a licence. The seaZen offer is unique. First of all, you are on a boat that is totally silent and perfectly suited for a few hours hire. This is due to the design of the catamaran, which offers a maximum leisure area that you would otherwise only find on a boat of over 10 metres. You are accompanied by the seaZen academy which allows you to drive from the first time when normally a boat of this size would require a boating licence if it was a combustion engine boat. This offer has been tried and tested since 2016, recognised by numerous national and international awards, and we are constantly improving it. Finally, if you want to fight against climate change at your level, you will find with Seazen a zero emission solution proving that the best price-quality ratio is compatible with the environment.

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