Rent a solar powered Self Drive Boat or book a Boat Club slot

The solar boat without license is accessible to all

How to rent a large boat without a license?

A sailboat can be rented without a license, but it is better to practice months. A motor boat requires a license which implies 2 weeks of preparation. The Solar Navigation Academy brings you a solution in 1 to 2 Hrs practice with your team!

The combined formula of initial practical training and access to a boat club rate allows you to sail on a high quality boat at the best rate.

Tips: a private boat tour is cheaper and safer than license free rental if you only sail once.

With Level 2, you can book a slot Self Drive Boat 1+2 Hrs

How to book Self Drive Boat 1+2 Hrs

If you go out frequently, book a Boat Club slot, level 3 or higher

How to book as a Boat Club member?

How does it work?

  1. Choose your departure city.
  2. Reserve a time slot.
  3. Practice with the Virtual Tour as well as the navigation guides linked to your Boat Club.
  4. Show up at the meeting point on the day of departure and make sure you can deposit the guarantee by credit card.
  5. Return to the port early enough to complete the inventory, collect your deposit and release the boat before the next departure at each hour on the dot.

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