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Embark with a guide and discover the French Riviera near Antibes, Nice and Monaco. These silent and odorless private solar boat cruises will make you discover beautiful landscapes, approach famous villas and yachts while gliding on crystal clear waters. Your private guide is ambassador of the French Côte d'Azur, he will transmit his passion for the territory, and for solar navigation.

The seaZen online booking franchise, without an office in each port, allows you to enjoy a high quality private guided boat tour at the best price.

Practical advice

What is the best time of day for a solar powered boat tour?

Generally in the morning the water is calmer and the low light is more photogenic. The afternoon is more requested and the solar roof protects from the sun at its zenith. In the evening the calm returns gradually, the subdued lights announce the sunset and the boat powered by batteries glides silently.

Can I go swimming during the sea excursion?

The swim ladder is particularly comfortable. You can dry off on the solarium in the front or in the back. You need to book a 2-hour premium tour to get to the anchorages and enjoy a swim in the sea.

Can I board with my children?

The boat is completely open to the sea. In order to rent our boat in complete serenity, it is preferable that children know how to swim. Children remain under the responsibility of their parents.

Can I bring a snack or drinks?

Of course, you can bring your own snacks and drinks as long as the sea is calm and there is no wind. The large table is designed for this purpose. Be careful, however, as the cork deck can be damaged by alcoholic, fatty or acidic liquids.  We may have to return earlier than planned to allow time to wash the deck in case some waves spill the drinks on the deck before the next guest. For safety reasons, the skipper must ensure that the group is sober and able to respect the rules of safety at sea. He should not hesitate to come back if in doubt. So, if you wish to bring your own snacks:

  • Book a minimum of 2 hours to keep enough time to enjoy this pleasant moment and in case we need to go back earlier for cleaning the deck
  • Prepare your basket at the last minute, because it would be a shame to leave it in case of unexpected weather
  • Drink in moderation, hold your glasses in your hand until they are empty, avoid chips and anything that can roll or fly away, avoid liquids (wine, cola, etc.) that may damage the cork

How does it work?

How to book your Solar Boat Tour with a Private Guide?

  1. Choose your departure city: Juan-les-Pins near Antibes, Beaulieu near Nice or Monaco.
  2. Choose your formula: 1Hr Romantic, 1Hr Private Groupe, Evening or 2Hrs Premium with a swim break and/or more time at sea.
  3. Reserve a time slot.
  4. Show up at the meeting point on the day of the tour to meet your seaZen guide.
  5. To guarantee your safety, we check if the weather conditions are optimal for going out to sea. In case of bad weather, seaZen will cancel your reservation at no cost.

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