Boat rental in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Renting a license-free boat in Beaulieu.

Close to the cities of Nice and Monaco, the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer is the starting point for many coastal cruises. On the mainland side, the reliefs are magnificent and reveal all the picturesque charm of the region. The sea has managed to preserve its wild character. The water is crystal clear and allows you to observe the seabed, its fauna and flora. This is the Riviera's Heartland!

Our platform invites you to discover this setting from a private pleasure boat. In operation since 2016, seaZen offers one of the most flexible boat rental offers on the French Riviera. Its strengths? Our catamaran can accommodate a maximum of 6-8 passengers, can be rented with or without a guide from one hour and does not require a licence. In addition, its solar-powered propulsion is clean and quiet so you can fully enjoy the Côte d'Azur and not disturb the environment.

Would you like to test the seaZen adventure? Book your boat in the Alpes-Maritimes with just a few clicks from our website:

Private sea cruise
with skipper

For those who do not have the time or the desire to obtain a boat licence but wish to discover boating on the French Riviera, seaZen is the ideal formula! With our offer like boat rental with guide, you can go to sea in couple or accompanied by your entourage to visit the most beautiful anchorages in the region.

Getting started + Boat rental licence-free

Open to all users, our rental offer is one of the only ones on the French Riviera that allows you to control a large catamaran without having to obtain a licence. A one-hour walk is enough to learn the basics of solar sailing and go to sea in one of the largest private pleasure boats.

Click & go rental
Boat Club

Have seaZen, the boats are also self-service! After having completed your first tour at sea with our guide, you have the opportunity to join the Boat Club for free. Consult the free slots on our website, book and pay online to freely enjoy an elegant solar boat all year round.

Practical information

Once you arrive at the marina: our boat is on the fishermen's pier, between the JCS Yachting shop and the fishing stalls. We will meet you near the bench shaped like a whale tail under a fig tree. The boat will arrive at the quayside at the time of the appointment.

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