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The Metropolis of Nice is the fifth largest in France. It owes its international reputation to the fact that it is the birthplace of the French Riviera. Its eight marinas offer a wide choice of sea outings. But the harbor in the city center is congested by the maritime traffic linked to the commercial port. The nearby Principality of Monaco is a world-renowned resort for its safety and quality of life. However, luxury yacht traffic generates high waves. 

Located between Nice and Monaco, in the heart of the French Riviera, the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer is the ideal starting point for sailing on board a electric boat in a sublime bay protected from the waves.

How to reach Beaulieu from Nice?

  • Train: Around 10 minutes 2.4 €/passenger stop Beaulieu-sur-Mer + 6 minutes walk
  • Bus: Around 25 minutes 1.5 €/passenger Lignes d’Azur n°15 or n°607 Kerylos stop + 5 minutes walk
  • Car: Around 25 minutes + time to find a place
    Beware of traffic jams and parking lots that are sometimes full
  • Taxi Riviera
    Beware of traffic jams during rush hour

How to reach Beaulieu from Monaco?

  • Train: Around 13 minutes 3 €/passenger stop Beaulieu-sur-Mer + 6 minutes walk
  • Bus: Around 25 minutes 1,5 €/passenger Lignes d'azur n°100 (La Plage stop) + 3 minutes walk
  • Car: Around 20 minutes + time to find a place
    Beware of traffic jams and parking lots that are sometimes full
  • Taxi Monaco
    Beware of traffic jams during rush hour

Our boat rental services in Beaulieu

SeaZen invites you to soak-up the coastline from the sea with its guides Ambassadors of the French Riviera and its solar-powered boat. Solar navigation is an innovation that takes its full meaning in the south of France where the sun shines all year round. Rent one of the largest solar-powered pleasure boats, with or without a guide, to sail at the pace of nature along the French Riviera. Silent and elegant, our boat is ideal for contemplating the magnificent Mediterranean landscapes or drop anchor at the most beautiful anchorages in the region for a picnic at sea, sunbathing or swimming.

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