What are the stakes of solar navigation?

Whether you are a tourism professional, an entrepreneur, or an administration, your needs are very different. You wish to invest in a growing market that makes sense for the environment and offers a competitive quality/price ratio. But how can you keep marketing cost under control with a new market?

Our solutions correspond to 3 typical needs

This solution is designed for tourism professionals: Hotels, Restaurants, Contractors, Cities, Ports, Taxis, VTS, or rental companies.

Resale Kit

Become a business contributor by offering your local customers a simple promo code, tagged flyer, or widget. We can recognize you as a partner and provide a service to your customers.


Save 5 years to develop this new market. This business model is proven: 1 boat -> 1 franchise creation -> 1 or more jobs.

Solar Boat

Choose a solar boat specially configured for your navigation program. This third generation is designed and produced by a naval architect and a reference shipyard.


Our solutions are proven:

  1. The solar catamaran gives complete satisfaction to those who try it
  2. The rental platform differentiates you, it is operational and integrates the distribution channels
  3. The resale kit strengthens your local development

SeaZen is a reference recognized by its customers and professionals. 

Who would have thought that solar navigation could offer a better price with more comfort? The seaZen Pro offer is all this! The energy transition is underway. So you too can help make the world a better place. Demonstrate the relevance of a new lifestyle, based on proven solutions.

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